The first key to an engaging event is it’s flow and build-up of energy.

Our unique venue and expert team ensure that the magic keeps flowing, and your guests stay caught up in the moment. We are able to do this by changing scenes and hiding surprises behind our massive wooden doors. All unbeknownst to your guests, similar to a Broadway show. All of the work, space transformation, and “secrets” happen behind the scenes throughout the evening. You and your guests will be immersed in mystery and excitement.

Next, our handpicked team of specialists and vendor partners will make every aspect of your planning experience with us easy and inspiring. Whatever support you could possibly need to create the event of your wildest dreams, we have in place ready to serve you.

Lastly, our ability to create an outdoor feel in an indoor environment gives us the ability to ensure that your event is 100% flawless. Enjoy the essence and beauty of Colorado with the confidence that your dream wedding will go on perfectly as planned, regardless of the temperature or weather.

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Our Packages

Moss is a spectacular venue that allows for customization based on your unique vision and needs.

Bespoke textile design and installation
Furniture recommendations
Lighting consultation and installation
Generation of mood, atmosphere and energy

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The Old Made New.

“We really want anyone to be able come in and create something incredible in our space.”

-Jordan Johnson, Founder and Owner

Experienced in decorative woodworking, welding, and metalworking, our founders created Moss Denver with the intention of building something unique and magical. Jordan and his team have created a space that is beautiful enough to stand on its own, and flexible enough to make any vision possible. Moss’s unique atmosphere blends the beauty of Colorado with classical and industrial design. This stunning space is a reflection of the unique culture and values of the people of Colorado. Moss is located in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District.

Schedule a tour, call 303-534-5403 or email info@mossdenver.com.